The Foundation for End of Life Care Supports Essential Services

Foundation for End of Life Care

Juneau, Alaska resident Bruce Weyhrauch has over three decades of experience practicing law. The Law Office of Bruce B. Weyhrauch, LLC emphasizes law related to regulatory agency, government affairs, nonprofits, natural resources, and fisheries. Mr. Weyhrauch is an active member of his community and serves on the boards of directors for numerous organizations including the Foundation for End of Life Care.

The Foundation for End of Life Care is a nonprofit organization that supports end of life services in Juneau and surrounding Southeast Alaska communities. The Foundation provides community education and financial grants for hospice and bereavement services.

Established in 1997, the Foundation for End of Life Care has provided a number of direct and start-up grants as well as matching grants for fundraising efforts. Initially, the Foundation primarily supported Hospice and Home Care of Juneau but has been expanded to support a wide variety of organizations that deal with terminal patient care and education of the public and medical profession on end of life matters. The Foundation’s end of life services are supported through the Juneau Community Foundation’s dedication to investing funds to help support charitable efforts in Juneau.

Chapel by the Lake’s Involvement with the Juneau Community

Chapel by the Lake pic
Chapel by the Lake

Juneau, Alaska-based attorney Bruce Weyhrauch has owned and operated his law practice since 1998. Outside of work, Bruce Weyhrauch also serves as Trustee and treasurer at Chapel by the Lake, Inc., a church that draws from and supports mission in the Juneau community.

Members of the church provide leadership at Glory Hole, a local center for people dealing with homelessness and that serves meals multiple each month. The church is also involved with Love Inc., which identifies members of the Juneau community in need and leverages pooled church resources to help meet those needs. Chapel by the Lake also offers funding and volunteers to keep this important organization in operation.

The church reaches out to people in need by providing chaplains to patients at Bartlett Regional Hospital and individuals incarcerated at Lemon Creek Correctional Facility. To support elderly population, the church assists in giving services at the Juneau Pioneer Home, a place for senior citizens. To connect with teenagers, the church participates in the Young Life outreach program.

Individuals can learn more about Chapel by the Lake’s involvement with the community, including how to help, at