Alaska Ocean Center Parts Ways with Plan for Giant Whale Statue

Alaska Ocean Center pic

Alaska Ocean Center

As the owner and manager of the Law Office of Bruce B. Weyhrauch, LLC, which is located in Juneau, Alaska, Bruce Weyhrauch’s emphasis in his practice is government affairs, regulatory agencies, permitting, natural resources, fisheries, marine pilotage, labor relations, and administrative agency appeals. In his personal time, Mr. Weyhrauch is a member of the Board of Directors of the Alaska Ocean Center, Inc.

Formerly known as the Juneau Ocean Center, the Alaska Ocean Center changed its name in late 2016. Currently in the development phase, the Alaska Ocean Center will strive to provide education and activities centered on ocean science and conservancy. The conceptual design for the center is to attract visitors to Juneau, many who travel on cruise ships. The center will attempt to connect these visitors, many who do not live near the ocean, with the ocean ecosystem and educate them how the oceans affect all of us, even those who may never see it.

The facility will serve as a visitor’s center and educational hub and expects to serve both local Juneau residents and tourists.


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