Fellowships for Rotary Peace Center Foster Future Leaders

Rotary International pic

Rotary International
Image: rotary.org

Alaska attorney Bruce Weyhrauch manages his own practice in Juneau, where he provides representation in cases regarding fisheries, construction, marine pilotage, labor relations, and natural resources. Bruce Weyhrauch was also a member of Rotary International, which offers academic and peacebuilding training at the Rotary Peace Center through an assortment of fellowships.

The Rotary Peace Center develops leaders for peace and conflict prevention and resolution through a series of academic training and practice as well as global networking opportunities. Over the last decade, the center has produced more than 1,000 peacebuilding fellows, many of whom have risen to leadership positions at international organizations or established their own foundations. Rotary Peace Center fellowships cover expenses such as tuition and fees, housing, and internship and field-studies. Fellowships also include round-trip transportation to and from the Rotary Peace Center.

Rotary International awards 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and 50 for certificate studies each year. Fellowships fund study at a number of premier anniversaries around the world. Master’s degree programs last between 15 and 24 months and require fellowship recipients to participate in a practical internship during academic break. Professional development certificate programs are designed for experienced professionals and involve three months of study as well as two to three weeks of field study.

Applicants must meet a series of requirements in order to qualify for a fellowship, including proficiency in English, exceptional leadership skills, and a demonstrated commitment to international understanding and peace. In addition, applicants must meet certain professional experience requirements depending on whether they apply for a master’s degree or certificate program. A master’s degree requires a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of full-time work, while certificate applicants must possess a strong academic background and at least five years of full-time work.


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