Toastmasters International’s Smedley Fund

Smedley Fund pic

Smedley Fund

A resident of Juneau, Alaska, Bruce Weyhrauch provides advice and representation to clients on legal issues relating to fisheries, construction, labor relations, marine pilotage, and natural resources development. Beyond his work, Bruce Weyhrauch is active with Toastmasters International, a nonprofit leadership and communication development organization that operates the Smedley Fund.

Named after Ralph C. Smedley, who founded the organization, the Smedley Fund was established in 1965 with the aim of advancing the Toastmasters mission by researching, creating, and delivering key materials and programs dedicated to leadership and communication issues.

The fund creates opportunities, primarily through the development of the educational resources used by its members. The fund also allows Toastmasters to invest in expansion into new regions and support youth initiatives, such as its Youth Leadership Program.

Further, contributions to the Smedley Fund are often used to help those experiencing hardship, including domestic abuse and homelessness, in addition to providing emergency relief to those who have experienced natural disasters or extreme hardship.


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